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How to feel good dating in your trans body

Yeah, we know that we’re a fashion company, so we’re going to tout our products here. But we make these products because we really believe that they can help! We want you to show up for your date presenting on the outside the way you are on the inside.

Your trans journey might include the experience of body dysmorphia and/or dysphoria. That’s why we make comfortable daily-wear gender-affirming gear. Our products can be worn underneath your clothes to help you get the silhouette that feels the most like yourself. (And your undergarments will still be sexy and fun if the clothes happen to come off!)

Our products safely camouflage the body parts that don’t feel quite like you, so you can wear that perfect adorable outfit out on your date. We think that fashion can help you feel like yourself, and we want you to play and have the confidence to wear whatever you want for that first meeting!

Our binders help people with breasts achieve a flatter chest. We’ve focused on making our binders safe for long-term and daily wear. They don’t constrict breathing, pinch, or cause back pain. ( See how here ) We want you to be comfortable all day long, especially when you’re putting yourself out there! We also have packing harnesses in case adding that bulge helps you with the confidence you need for your date!

Likewise, our gaffs help people with penises achieve a flattened front. They can be worn with or without tucking, and like the binders, are made for all-day-long comfort. If you’re not worried about that flattened silhouette but want something cute and sexy, we can now make ANY piece of our underwear fit for you. ( See how here )

We make undies for people with penises that don’t compress at all. You certainly don’t have to tuck or bind to be valid.

You’ve got this!

We know that starting dating while trans may seem daunting. But there’s a whole community of trans people who’ve found lasting and fulfilling relationships. You are not alone, and we promise that there’s someone out there who will love you for the beautiful human you are.

Taking a step like setting up a profile online is a great way to test the waters and start making connections. It’s okay to start slow, but you may be surprised by how kind people can be when you start out on an affirming platform! Remember, you are worthy of love and we’ve got your back.

We also got a bunch of good tips from you folks on things to know if you want to date a trans person.

If you’re a trans person that loves your bits, that’s rad too!

  • Avoid making assumptions (in general) but especially about how people feel about being trans. You won’t know a person’s story until they tell it.

If you’re a trans person that loves your bits, that’s rad too!

  • There’s no script and everyone’s needs around their gender identity are specific to them. Be clear, and communicative, and check in to make sure certain actions are okay.

If you’re a trans person that loves your bits, that’s rad too!

  • Words of affirmation go a long way, even when they aren’t your love language. Let the person you’re interested in know that you support them and that they’re awesome the way they are.

If you’re a morsiamen tai sulhasen viisumi Yhdysvalloissa trans person that loves your bits, that’s rad too!

  • Trans people notice the way you gender strangers. As a cis person, you’ve likely been able to go through life with more defined genders because you’ve never questioned your own. Learning the skills of checking in about someone’s gender and pronouns instead of making assumptions will help your date (and others!) feel more accepted.


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