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MassHousing Awards $143,332 for Affordable Sober Housing in Massachusetts

All MASH sober homes meet national standards based on the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR) model. Sober home operators estimate that the average length of a sober house stay is about a year. But Ray Tamasi, president of the treatment center Gosnold on Cape Cod, says that depends on the individual. Thirty-three-year-old Jesse Centamore has been sober for the past four and a half years and now runs two sober homes operated by the treatment center Gosnold on Cape Cod. North Star Family Services, Leominster, $125,000
Grant funds will help create 14 units of affordable supportive housing for families in Leominster. Casa Esperanza, Boston, $20,682
Grant funds will help support the renovation of 14 units of sober housing for women and their children in Boston.

“It’s a disease of isolation, so you’re in a house together with other people, hopefully on the same path.” During a recent visit to the Kelly House in Wakefield — one of the estimated 300 to 400 sober homes operating in the state — the residents were attending their weekly house meeting in the basement. The meetings are a requirement for the men living at Kelly House, who range in age from 18 to 60. They also have to undergo drug and alcohol testing and regularly attend meetings based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Sober homes — places where people can live after residential substance use treatment to support the early stages of sobriety — have a somewhat sketchy reputation in Massachusetts. Self Esteem Boston Educational Institute, $23,600
Grant funds will help support new resiliency and recovery support services, and job-readiness skills for women in recovery in Boston, Lynn and Springfield.

Sober Home Certification Begins

In accordance with this requirement, MASH serves as the primary agency for accountability of all certified homes in Massachusetts. Our organization also provides supervision and training for sober homes, and maintains a database of more than 180 MASH-certified sober homes. BOSTON – November 17, 2022 – MassHousing has awarded a total of $143,332 in grant funding to help preserve 22 affordable sober housing units and provide supportive mash sober housing services to men, women, and children impacted by substance misuse. For most recovering addicts, Massachusetts sober living homes provide the smooth transitional step from treatment back into society without giving so much freedom that there is an increased risk of relapse. Residents of a sober house are required to pay rent, attend school or work, continue regular meetings at support groups and take part in regular household chores.

Falmouth Residents Ask For Sober House Regulation Falmouth News –

Falmouth Residents Ask For Sober House Regulation Falmouth News

Posted: Thu, 13 Jun 2019 07:00:00 GMT [source]

But with the opioid crisis increasing demand for such housing, state health officials have contracted with a national group to develop guidelines to certify the homes. “I’ve seen and lived in houses where literally as long as I was giving them a check every week, my actions and behaviors were overlooked, they didn’t really care, which was absolutely counterproductive for someone like myself who was in early recovery,” he said. “I needed that support, that structure, that guidance — otherwise my behaviors probably won’t really change.” “Tomorrow you and I could open a sober house and do whatever we want,” Winant said of the current landscape. Because of that reputation, about a dozen sober home operators formed the Massachusetts Association for Sober Housing eight years ago to try to set standards for the unregulated industry. But Winant has heard that many of the sober homes in Massachusetts are overcrowded, in disrepair and, most importantly, do not really crack down and honestly test for substance use.

Our programs

Dismas House, Oakham, $125,000
Grant funding will help construct six new affordable housing units for families and individuals. Mental Health Association, Springfield, $22,850
Grant funding will help fund an in-house recovery specialist for nights and weekends at an affordable sober home for eight men in Springfield. The MA Alliance of Sober Housing (MASH) exists to ensure andpromote the critical management, operational, and ethical standards of soberhomes, as well as promote technical assistance to new and existing sober homes. State officials acknowledged that they have no idea how many sober homes exist in ­Massachusetts because almost anyone with property to rent can advertise it as such.

  • The meetings are a requirement for the men living at Kelly House, who range in age from 18 to 60.
  • Under federal law, recovering substance users are considered disabled, so imposing requirements on sober houses could be considered discriminatory.
  • In 2007, eight sober home operators established the nonprofit Massachusetts Alliance for Sober Housing.
  • Sober homes support various abstinence-based pathways to recovery, and each residence focuses on one or more particular pathway.


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